nedjelja, 18. ožujka 2012.

Choice Of My Own - Discography

So yesterday was some punk concert in my hometown so i decided to go out,have some fun,drink a few colas (ahahah,i'm on a alcohol break for the last 3 and a half months) and so on,hah,it was okay untill one of my friends came,he was okay in the beginning but after a few beers he wanted to fight with me with no good reason,FUCK THIS SHIT!!!I know this guy for years and what the fuck happened to him last night i really don't know but i know that i went home cause if i stayed he would probably get some serious beatings.So everything is going straight to hell with this town,new kids are all musically in this modern trendy stuff,but okay they have time to choose the right path,but what really gets on my nerves are all those people that were okay few years back and now they are all assholes,they accepted all those things they were against back then.That is so sad,probably in the future my relation or communication with them would be just a "HELLO" on the street and that's it.FUCK THIS SHIT!!!

So,Choice Of My Own,macedonian fastcore craziness,30 songs,most of them are under a minute,this guys were fucking good and they knew how to play and wreck!!!You probably never heard of them,go get this and start destroying your room!!!

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