nedjelja, 4. ožujka 2012.

Betercore - Youthcrust Discography

Hah,it's march already,where the fuck did february go??!! :DDD The only 2,hm,or 3 good things that happened last month was that i got my will to live again,i've got my paycheck (YESSSSSSSSSSS) and my bass amp was fixed,so hello life!!!! It's still cold outside,my health is better and my bmx is gonna bi fixed soon,can't wait to brake something on me or on my bike :DDD hmmmmm,what elseee...yes i'm still not in modern metal hardcore/punk/modern/bla/bla 'cause maybe it's modern but it sucks a lot,and it sucks much more when all the metal/something people from my town are saying hXc or just HARDCORE but they don't have a slightest clue what the fuck they are saying and what is hardcore or something to complicated to them to understand called DIY ethics,so people go kill yourself or just go to the library (a perfect place for your small/close minded brains) and get some education,jerks.

Betercore? In the beginning there was them.They changed my life.

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