utorak, 13. ožujka 2012.

Man Made Filth

Last few weeks i've been posting a lot of bands from Netherlands,well,hmmm,i can't help myself 'cause they are full of good bands and Man Made Filth are also one of them.We played with them a few years back,really cool guys,and when we were on tour their bass player (Brad :) ) did a show for us (Brad,if you ever see this hope you still have that Vaseline Children patch that i gave you,to be exact,i tear it from my pants!!!).MMF play some fast crusty hardcore punk,and man,do they destroy live!!

***MAN MADE FILTH - Four years ago four guys wanted to do a kind of heavier sounding band than our previous/current bands. We entered a practice space and tried something out, which apparently worked! We made a CD-R recording which was released by Wasted Youth Power as a split with Anargeeks, another Dutch hardcoreband. Some time later, Reinco was added as a 2nd vocalist, since his previous band Betercore quitted and he needed a way to release his anger. Voila, two screaming guys, one straight-edge and the other completely stoned, an American bassplayer with a heart of gold and pockets full of weed, a guitarplayer with dreadlocks covering his ass and a drummer who's metalmania will even shock the heaviest metals! But, we're not assholes or anything, just a bit out of our mind. But hey, what can you do about it except take advantage of this bunch of freaks and start a band with each other? Our lyrics are all politics, since everything is politics, like Gudrun Enslin once said. We totally agree with her! Nowadays too many people are so-called "non-politics" and by being that they just accept all the bullshit that happens around them. Take for example racism, it just exists, and if you take a stand against it people tell you to move on, it exists, and that's that. NO FUCKING WAY!!! Yes, we're maybe a bit naive by thinking our music can actually change the world, but that's always better than doing nothing and keeping your mouth shut about all the bullshit going around in our so-called civilized world. As long as there are people fighting against injustice there is hope that one day this world will be cleansed of all the hatred and injustice! Anyways, if you turn your speakers on you can hear some of our music. You also have an option to download it so go right ahead, music should be free for everybody! So down it and burn it!***

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