petak, 11. listopada 2013.

DC Hardcore Demos

Bought this record years back when we were on tour and played in Leipzig,(if you ever find yourself there don't miss a record store the name i forgot but it's in the Zorro squat i think) it was the first time i've heard of Void and Faith,don't need to mention that this two bands were on constant repeat after that.So what do we have here,48 songs of early dc hardcore punk: Artifical Peace (May 1981 Demo), Faith (First demo 1981), Void (Hit & Run Demo 1981), Double O (#3 1982).This was released by Spanish Spic and Span,it's a unofficial release,the liner notes got a story of each band and an interview with Double O from Straight Edge zine #2 (1982). Check it out,as for me,i'll check my temperature 'cause i'm feeling sick and i have to go to work tomorrow early in the morning,shit.

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  1. record shop u kojem Frank radi, Needle and the damage done...neil young ako se ne varam:-) ah, koliko sam keša ostavio tamo:-)