srijeda, 24. travnja 2013.

Final Fight - Discography

Got a lot of mails filled with wishes,i'm not santa but,okay,hahah,as a big Final Fight fan i'll grant few of them :D Fast melodic hardcore,as i said before,probably the last wave of this kind of bands before all that metal crap started (sadly :/ ),here you can find the following releases:

Under Attack
Half Head,Full Shred
split with Life Long Tragedy
Demo EP (2004)
Demo (2003)

*** Los Angeles' Final Fight embody the uplifting passion that defines the new wave of west coast hardcore. Positive, passionate, and above all else, fun. With their unique melodic sensibility, and lyrical content ranging from the political to the personal, Final Fight speak volumes in song. They are an emotional, intelligent, and altogether inspiring band that is destined to makes waves in the years to come. ***

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