srijeda, 6. veljače 2013.

Skulls Compilation (Kangaroo Records)

Finally got the time to post some new shit here,working all day long and doing nothing at home,just sleeping and resting.Been working with some strange chemicals at work,call me a pussy,but i think that stuff is getting under my skin and destroying me slowly,goddamn,no wonder i look like a zomby on acid,but fuck the looks it's the tiredness that is getting on my nerve,or i'm just getting old real fast... Speaking of fast (hahahaha),here we have a really great compilation put out by Kangaroo Records,10 killer songs of good old hardcore punk.Some of the bands here are Tear It Up,Out Cold,Milkman,Seein' Red,A.V.O.,you get the picture,don't you??!!

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