utorak, 19. veljače 2013.

Screwed Up - Skate Attack

From the title of the release you can get the picture what to expect here,skating and doing something with your life!Well,i do not skate 'cause i'm a pussy and lately i have a lot of problems with thinking straight (ah,Ray would have a lot to say here,ahha),a big cloud of stupidity coming from the place where i work is messing with my head.Fast songs and posi attitude is something that i desperately need and Screwed Up has that more that enough,shit,maybe i start skating just to clear my head (and pick up few injuries),hm,or just a good hard hit in the head ---> that's what i need!!Okay,back to reality,if you never heard of SU,what else do you need to know,well,they are from Germany,this is their debut release (2006),14 songs in 17 minutes and don't forget...Screwed Up is old school and old school is fun not violence.


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