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Forbidden Planet (1956)

***A starship crew goes to investigate the silence of a planet's colony only to find two survivors and a deadly secret that one of them has.***

Enough of trash core for today i need some relaxation and what else do i need than a good SF classic with Leslie Nielsen as the main character to put all the shit behind.If you are a modern freak i advise you to skip this movie since there is absolutely nothing that you would find and like in it,ahhahha,and no,Leslie is not goofing here like in Naked Gun,he's trying to save his ass and the rest of his fellow mates.So what the fuck is this movie about?! Leslie and his crew travels to a planet called Altar 4 (just 16 light years away from earth,OMG) and you won't believe,their ship is a flying saucer,this is like the first time that humans have this kind of craft,hahaha,insane! Every time when ship is going from warp speed( i guess this is pre warp speed era) every one on the ship has to go in a special room and stand in some machine that produces one the most annoying saunds but it protects them from i don't know what,i'm going to say from blasting out of the ship.If you used to space ships with a big window to see where they are going you can forget this here,they have some space telescope or something to see the direction or to look around.In 23rd century there are no female crew members,or i was just blind,but only gay fun on this ship if you ask me.So they get to Altar 4 (which is a planet like Earth but no one lives on it except a robot called Robby, one old guy and a young babe,i was slightly aroused when i saw her),their mission is to find out what happened to expedition that went there 20 years ago,well they all died ,except the two persons that i mentioned and the robot Robby.On the planet they meet this old guy called Morbius and his daughter Altaira (what a babe x2,but she has no knowledge about earth sluts and all the shit considering to this matter,what a dream,i bet Leslie had just one thought when he meet her) and ofc Robby.Robby was getting on my nerve thru the whole movie,but,okay,in the end he was taken to earth cause he had to much knowledge about the old civilization called the Krell that lived there before mankind and all that shit.Krell crew were a far advance civilization that disappeared 2000 years ago in some unexplained circumstances (they are explained but watch the movie and you'll find out).So,Morbius discovered a lot of their tehnology that could help people on earth but didn't want to share it.Why? I don't know,he was some old and lonely fart probably doing his naive daughter,but,that's just from my point of view,to get the story short,a lot of people in the past died because of him and a few od Leslies crew died also before they escape the planet,leaving him and his evil side to die on it.Yes,the naive babe was taken to earth,i think that i got the whole story wrong cause when the movie ended the movie in my head with her as the main character just started...

Leslie the MAN

Naive babe from space in a slutty dress

Posing by a space bus

Robby caught doing himself

Naive space babe posing,sick space tights

Space babe ultimate posing

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