srijeda, 6. veljače 2013.

Bands That Don't Give A Shit About Being God (Social Napalm Records)

*** After several of the more established bands in the Boston area DIY scene broke up, 2005-2006 saw the formation of several new bands composed mainly of the same people taking their place. The goal of this compilation was to document these bands in their formative stages to showcase what is happening around Boston currently. The Boston side contains Social Circkle (ex-Sleeper Cell, Epidemic, Refuseniks), Poison Control (ex-Sleeper Cell, Refuseniks), and the Conversions (ex-Sleeper Cell, Refuseniks). Poison Control ended up breaking up when the comp was in it's formative stages, so another new band, Witches With Dicks is on it instead. The Lowell side contains Out Cold who've been around for many years, Sgt. Slaughter (ex-Kirottu, Solitary Neglect), and Violent Nuns (ex-Solitary Neglect). Each band provides one track, most of which are exclusive to the comp. ( ***

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