srijeda, 18. srpnja 2012.

Spazm 151 - Power Songs For The Kids

Got this 7'' recently and this is fucking good, don't know why i didn't hear this before,Havoc put this out in '98,so where the fuck was i then?!! i don't know,probably in 3rd grade learning the diference between 8 and 9 or how much is 3+6...this guys are from dallas,texas,and they are rippin' it,dirty prodcution with some nice bass melodies,hah,trashy hardcore but bass player gives this release a special touch.

"Rowdy, ciderfueled angry hardcore punk is what would I tend to think of Spazm 151. ... There is no way going around it - Spazm 151 do rage big time, just like Tear It Up do, and this is a damn fine punk rock album with a true early eighties feeling." 

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