srijeda, 18. srpnja 2012.

S.A.W.A. fest and other shit that's been happening lately

So,first things first,i got fired,finally and i must say that for the last few days my mental situation went from really bad to out of space good,so all the lovin' and hugs goes to my former boss,thank you man,hope i never see you again.This month is gonna be a vacation month for me,i don't give a fuck mode is on,i broke my cell phone so to all my friends you can send me an e mail or pissed message on facebook or throw a rock into my,what else...yeahhh,this idea was in my head for a long time,got some stuff for distribution so from now i on i gonna bug you to buy records from my distro,sorry but no more downloading and saying thanks,you gonna buy and support,don't care if that means that you're gonna drink few bottles of beer or wine less or smoke less dope or eat less junk food or buy less guns for your struggle against this system :DD okay,enough of my early morning thrashing,let's see what happened on S.A.W.A. :


Despite of millions and millions people that said that will go to this fest only two people from my town went to this,so,maybe next time it's better to be quiet so i don't need to listen all of you're excuses,yeah too bad you don't have any money (but you lived like a king for the past few months),traveling with train last too long,you need tons of money to stay alive (reed: dope and alcohol),it's too far,maybe it's gonna rain and so on,hah,with all this shit all the time i don't even bother to ask if someone is going to a gig or a fest.We traveled for 11 hours,chiling,slow drinking and a little bit dying 'cause it's was really warm,but maybe it was warm because of the warm wine that we drink all the way,hm,who knows...i worked night shift the day before so i was tired and grogy (hahahah) but never the less i was excited to finally go to this and put my brain on a stand by.Someone said it's like 40 min on foot from the train station so thank god Kruno and his girlfriend took us there by car 'cause probably we would walk there for hours,we had a lot camping stuff with us and a lot of food (but that's my problem,i always carry a lot of food,love to cook at festivals).Finally we got there and put our tent in some small wood,river sava is like few meters from us,well that's just cool.There were a lot of pepole around us but the tent next to us was really interesting,some local crew with maybe a truck full of  weed,i think that they sat in the same position with the same expressions on their faces for the whole 3 days,hahahha :DD Every time we went to pick some stuff they were there,think the time stopped for them or they just smoked to much but never the less i know someone said that this guys know how to party,well,okay,didn't think they were some party animals,they were more sculptures,they are probably still there. :DD   The only minus for this fest is that the first store is maybe 30 min away or more and  if  you go there by foot,the sun would destroy you,oh yes,i know what i'm saying,so we had some problems with our bread supply i found some old bread,or maybe it was a football,it was hard as a stone but in this situations you don't have much choice :D So what about the gigs,d.r.i. didn't play,ah,too bad,all the metal fuckers were really sad,but c'mon people,this is croatia and most of the bands that come from the states always find an excuse not to play in croatia so this was  maybe expected and good they didn't play 'cause they would probably play for 2 hours and that's way to much,okay they play since the beginning of mankind but 2 hours??? shit,no!!Nulla Osta also canceled but they canceled few days before the fest,so to bad but i saw them like 5 times so i didn't cry.This is like the first fest in which all the bands were really good and the crowd didn't suck,my favorites were My Turn and Vitamin X,both played some crazy ass hardcore shows,especially My Turn,they played first  and i really didn't expect from them to be so good,fast and positive,great.On friday i went to sleep at about 1 am,i know i didn't saw Fat Prezidents show,or maybe 2 or 3 songs,saw them a lot before,new stuff sucks so that's what i think about it,sorry,yeah well when i woke up in the morning i heard some nasty shit happened during the night,first was some fight against some nazi asshole,okay hope that guy got what he deserves,the other fight was much nastier 'cause guy that i know apparently beat up some girl,don't know why but that's just wrong,man,what the fuck????so friday afterparty was reserved for fights,thank god i went to sleep.Saturday was slow,all day i spend half sleeping half drinking and hanging out with the crew from Final Approach,and Osijek crust punk crew,hehehe :D Yeahhhh,a lot of hugs and kisses goes to Osijek crew that wanted my cap/sunglasses,you offered me to little and you can't surely buy me with a bottle of home made sljivovitza,hahahhaa.Thanks to Damba for giving us a ride to Osijek,without him we would be probably still there with those stoner narko crew :DD Next year we are coming back,that's for sure.Next stop after S.A.W.A. is Monte Paradiso,and after that cruel reality awaits.

dankec d:)                         

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  1. sorry for the bread man... nest time, you go with me to my cousin house and we`ll have a big slavonian feast, fuckin a!