četvrtak, 5. srpnja 2012.

Crucial Section - Thrashington D.C.

Gotta love this short splits,you probably heard of Crucial Section,i wrote about them few posts back,if not,well,tokyo hardcore thrash,more melodic on this release but don't expect pop punk melodic or something,melodic for their standards!!!On the other side of this split are french fastcore thrashers Thrashington D.C.,a nice start if you never heard of them,a lot of dirty rock riffs,sick!!!

As i'm writing this post some nasty satan storm is starting outside,well,finally i'm gonna sleep like a baby,yeah hhh d:)))) okay or maybe not,looks like this tiny storm got updated,besides rain there's a lot of other stuff falling from the sky,maybe a new ampeg amp falls in my room,who knows...

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