utorak, 3. srpnja 2012.

The Ropes - Demo tape

Thought that warmer weather would do me good,but,hm,feeling like shit most of the time,colder days where are you??!!A lot of good stuff happened in recent few weeks but i'm too lazy to write about it  'cause in my room is 2000000000 celsius,now i know how terminator felt in that last scene (part 2),hahahha.There were a few shows that i went,even cooked some vegan stew,punks were complaining that it was to hot and spicy,well,don't be a pussy and stop bitching,free food is free food,and angry music deserves some tough food ;)))) This friday got a show to play with my new band (ugly fucks),some fast hardcore punk,tear it up style and in sunday got another show to play with my former band (life in peril),modern shit but they are all my friends and i know that they really want to play that show so fuck it,guys you owe me big time d;))).Hm i'm still writing and eating some trash candys that my mother gave me,they are not bad (okay,this is too much).

If you ever heard of The Repos than you know what to expect from this guys,this is some ugly/raw/fast/short/angry hardcore punk,vocal is from another planet,sounds demonic,the whole production is dirty and minimalistic,i know that someone said that this is piece of shit,hope that person choke in his own vomit 'cause this is simply the best release that i heard in the last few months.This release is how i feel,blurry and pissed...go and get it cause this is some rare to find shit and if you ever see this cassette buy it you cheap fucker!!!

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  1. your friends from life in peril should pay you big money so you can invest it in some DIY stuff like ugly fucks, fuckin` a right!

  2. don't know my friend,ugly fucks are bunch of shitheads,the only thing they care about is porn and booze,so where's the DIY in that???