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The Prowl - Discography

Well,i'm doing requests lately,i really don't know how i found this in my stash of music but here you go and enjoy :)

*** Formed in the Fall of 2002 the Prowl started off as a side project for Mikey Flynn (ex: Last In Line) and Kevin Gebo (ex: Red Reaction/ Grand Prixx) as a way to try things different from what their current bands at the time were doing. With early influence being drawn from Horror Punk legends Samhain and The Damned, and Hardcore icons Black Flag, Adolescents and Die Kruezen, The Prowl set out down a dark road of Hardcore/Punk destruction. The original line-up of Mikey Flynn (vocals), Kevin Gebo (guitar), Sean Tucker (guitar) Jason Desmarais (Bass) and Shaun Davis (Drums) recorded a demo after a few practices and played their first show in Westfield, Mass with Ringworm.

Shortly after the demo's release Gloom Records pressed the demo into the form of a 7" record, titled "What Are You Doing?" The release of this 7" lead to protests and controversy over the 1970's Sleaze/Gore Film influenced artwork.

2003 began with the recording of a 10" record titled "Misery" for Dead Alive/ Manic Ride Records. With this record The Prowl began an evolution of incorporating slower dirges melding with atmoshpheric, and at times spacey grooves. Shortly after the recording sessions a tour ensued, which lead to the first band casualty, Shaun D., who left the band in Wilkes-Barre, PA the last night of tour.

Upon return to Western Mass, Tommy Von (ex Cops 'n' Robbers, Pinkerton Thugs, Cut The Shit) longtime friend, roady and drum wiz offered his services. With this new line-up the band started to gel in new ways. The following year included more touring and talks of a new record...

Conflicting interests led to original member; bassist Jason Desmarais leaving the band months before The Prowl's first tour of the West Coast. Immediately Doug Free (Bottom Line N.Y.H.C.) stepped in and filled Jay's shoes perfectly for said tour. After returning to MA, the band recorded the 7" ep for Painkiller Records titled "The First Room On The Left." This record featured singer Mikey Flynn handling bass as well as vocal duty. After a few more dates filling in on bass, Doug eventually joined the band full time that summer.

Writing commenced on what was to become the bands first full length record. During this process another trip to the west coast was planned. Though not a complete success, The Prowl returned home ready to finish the album. On the horizon more storm clounds now hung over head though. Sean Tucker, one of the last original members of the band was asked to leave the band in the Spring of 2005.

Shortly after this seperation, Mikey decided to step up and take on vocal and guitar duties both live as well as in the studio. With the current line-up consisting of Gebo, Tommy, Doug and Mikey the band has finally come into their own, both sonically and creatively. A handful of intense live shows climaxing in extended jam sessions on their song "Hot Agent" have given hints of what to expect from the band in the near future.

The impending release (slated for late summer/early fall) of their new record "Witch Hunt", a 4 song ep which showcases the band in their most powerful offering to date, is sure to open many eyes both new and old. Prepare the gallows, douse the stake, the time has come now, concentrate...
the band then died on September the 9th at 11am. Thanks to anyone that helped us out with a tour, put out a record, bought a record, bought us beer, slashed our tires, played in the band, etc. ***

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