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Make or Break - Discography (2005 -2007)

***After just a few short months of playing out, Make or Break has proven to be very hard-working and dedicated hardcore band. Formed in February of 2005, Make or Break put out a self released demo and played their first show in May. They set out on an east coast summer tour with Wake Up Call and Team Effort just one month later to get the message out. The bands’ extremely energetic live shows are a true testament to Make or Break’s all-or-nothing philosophy, leaving everything they have on the stage when they play. No matter what you are into - punk rock, Oi!, youth crew, or whatever, Make or Break plays music that inspires people to let go of what hardcore sometimes seems to be about (fighting, fashion and politics), and tries to simplify the genre back to what it was.

2 years, 4 tours, and 100 shows later, Make or Break played their final show on August 24, 2007. Some of the members can now be found in No Harm Done, Flame Still Burns and Tigerstyle. (http://www.last.fm/music/Make+Or+Break?utm_source=last.fm&utm_medium=application&utm_campaign=last.fm_desktop_application&utm_content=2.1.36&utm_term=WIN)***

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