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As Friends Rust - Discography

Well,you can kill me but i have to post this band,amaizing emotional hardcore punk.Call it as you like,but for someone like me who grew up on melodic hardcore this band has a special place in my life.Of all the bands that they are comapared they still are one of a kind and probably this isn't going to change.If this means that someone is gonna shut down my hotfile acc,well,fuck,it's worth it,hurry and get it down.

***Gainesville, Florida's As Friends Rust formed in 1996, in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. Though the band has undergone several lineup changes in its five years of existence, they manage to tour almost constantly, churning out their first few EP's at a good, systematic pace, until finally taking a lengthy break to re-organize and write an album's worth of material. Compared most often to the likes of Dag Nasty, Avail and even Gorilla Biscuits, 

As Friends Rust have quickly become a quintesseential band for fans of energetic hardcore with strong melodic leanings. They blend punk/hardcore angst with indie-pop hooks and leads, never neglecting the timeless rock n' roll backbone that bonds it all together. Live, no urgency, or pop-sensibility is compromised, as shows often end with showgoers stampeding the stage, leaving the band wondering exactly where their microphones went.***

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