srijeda, 6. ožujka 2013.

Migra Violenta - Holocausto Capitalista

Argentinian Migra Violenta attacks us here with 18 tracks of,what they call,youth crust,18 songs in 19 minutes,violent in you face shit!

ABOUT THE COVER ARTWORK... We know that is very shocking,violent and you can say maybe a little "cliche".The objective is not to offend anyone with this,but to personify one of the most hideos disasters like the nazism and today the capitalism recovers the papers from dictators and the death that we know today in this world.One of the hc punk things is shock,you may think "these things happened" ,and mabey still happening,to visible for all of us.From today in third world those guilty of the holocaust had done by capitalism,in places where the kids die of hunger,and their parents can not give them food,dress them,send them to school,and only because they do not have money anywhere to live and a wrapped state to the external debt and their own corruption that cannot quiet down the more necessary things,as much as it's important that you can feel as a normal human.Not all of us had disgrace to live the nazi holocaust,but many of us live in our own skin the savage capitalist consequence,factories fusion,holdings privatizations,external debts,unemployments,falling future.They took a monster like the nazis and they transformed it into today's new monster.The title says everything,the images and the lyrics of the songs tell it all.    MUSIC,LOVE AND RESISTANCE.

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  1. Hi, sorry could give approach to artwork. Thank you.

    No sé ingles :( , pero el google traductor ayuda un poco.
    De antemano gracias por subir el disco : )