nedjelja, 3. ožujka 2013.

A.V.O. - Domestic Violence Kept The Neighbourhood Quiet

Two posts in one day,whoaaa,i must be coming back to life or maybe something bad is behind all of this,hah,hope not.Australian hardcore dudes A.V.O. or Apprehended Violence Order are not among living bands anymore but,shit,they left some great releases,this is just one of them.I always hear bands from Down Under when is too late,the same goes for this guys,gotta keep my eye more on that part of the world 'cause everything i've heard was always sick.Domestic Violence delivers 19 songs mostly lasting under a minute,that's enough for me,i guess the same goes for anyone else reading this.Also,if you're searching for a posi message here,well,you won't find it.Someone would think,ah this is just a bunch of kids pretending to be though,if you look at the back cover of the record you'll think again. WE WILL NEVER BE REHABILITADED,BECAUSE A.V.O. PLAYS TO DESTROY!

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