nedjelja, 28. prosinca 2014.

Up Rights - Old School Revenge

Drinking coffe and chilling at home,snow fell last night and now it's this kind of life,four walls,music and looking outside to see if maybe snow has gone away.I don't like this white shit,only problems,maybe one day it's going to be just cold without anything falling from the skies,yes,in couple of millions years maybe.Before i go to check out some new (old) comics here's a cool post,youth crew release from 2007,if i say Commitment records then you've probably know what's going on here. Only release from this guys,somewhere they are named Up X Rights,somewhere without,check them out,6 songs of posi youth crew stuff,nothing new but if you're a sucker for this kind of style then you'll enjoy it :)

3 komentara:

  1. Nice post, Andrija!
    Hope all is well, have a great New Year!

    1. Hey mate :)

      thanks,a lot of good stuff at your place also :) New year is here,wish you all the best,and don't stop with good music!